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Asian art is a fascinating mosaic of varied colours, cultures, customs, traditions, faiths, beliefs, values and expressions. A diversity that owes its existence to the eternal Spirit of Asia which is to assimilate and enrich, guided by an abiding principle that everything, no matter how different, has its rightful place. Our experience and understanding into this forgotten world enriches our lives as we cover the topic of art through the vast continent of Asia.

Asian art collection in our gallery features work by artists, who have been inspired and influenced by Asian culture. Art that takes a leap back in time to the Great Dynasty of the Mughal, Rajasthan and Ming era, to the beginning of Buddha iconic art period.  Click HERE to request more info 

We hope to continue to bring you other collection during the course of the year, as we add new artists to our gallery and review the development of Art by today`s leading artists.

We welcome enquiry for special commission.

ICAS logo 200 x 85For all private or corporate commission by our gallery artists, please contact Sunil Vilas                    

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artist-koshore pratim biswasartist-carol ann davies

 artist-norik dilanyhanartist-david sawyer

sculptor-john w mills

artist-katya gridnevaartists-Anne Farrall DoyleLion art3

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