The word “KISS” comes from the Old English word “cyssan,” No one really knows the origin of “cyssan” but it’s thought that it might represent the sound people make when they kiss. JOHN W. MILLS British Sculptor Bronze edition Title: CLOSE AFFECTION 2015   Throughout the history of Art we are able to recall memories of master artists Continue Reading

One of the most interesting aspects about art is understanding the why and the how of “becoming” an artist. There is a myth that artists are somehow born knowing that they are artists, or that some event occurs in their lives that causes them to become artists, or that artists starve to create, artists are Continue Reading

Welcome to New & current  ICAS -Vilas Fine Art clients, Artists & Art Lovers! We hope you find it easy to navigate. The new site brings together all the new features you have been asking for including: Easy to view Artists, Sculptors & Potters database; Linked Biographies and Interviews; Linked galleries of their works; Online Sale Continue Reading